Facebook Interview Chat, Productivity Challenge and Podcasts!

You know, I am one of those guys who want to make it happen.

I mean, when I get a new idea.

So, yes.

Facebook Interview Chat was one such idea.

You want to know how I got that? (It’s an interesting story!).

Well, maybe not interesting, but it isn’t boring 😉

As you may already know, I have been spending some time participating in #Blogengage twitter chat and #B2Ctweet chat (which began today, the 8th).

And, I was having an idea to start my own twitter chat (I had tried that in the past, but failed miserably).

But, I was thinking.

These are twitter chats.

They are too common.

I want to do something unique.

So, I decided to do it with Facebook.

First it was Facebook Chat.

Then, Facebook Interview Chat.

So, I did.

I contacted Ileane and asked her if she would be the first guest.

She agreed.

And so, I launched.

On 8th August, 5 pm, we started our first FB interview chat.

It went well.

Very well – because, I had some blogging friends dropping in and participating.

Only thing bad about it?

We had to reload the page everytime to see a new comment (Totally unexpected). I thought it was real time chat, that’s why I chose Facebook.

Ah, but the chat still went well.

It’s still live.

If you have any questions for Ileane, you are more than welcome to drop by and ask (till Friday).

Productivity Challenge?

Ah, Yes.

The Challenge right?

It’s went really well.

From Tuesday (the first day of challenge) to Last Friday (last day), I only spent 8 and a half hours of blogging instead of 20-30 hours.

It was great. I saved lots of time, did the same things (and more, in some days) and achieved good results.
And I plan to continue it (not as a challenge, but as a habit).

And, yes I added a new tool to the collection: Zen writer. Awesome writing tool. Thanks to Rahul for the recommendation!

Another Contest?

Have you heard it? I am participating in another guest posting contest!

Yes, this time the post is on increasing perceived value of blog posts that we write. Be sure to drop by and leave a comment 😉



I was going to do a podcast this week (Well, I had planned it). But, something happened:

Lack of Idea (ah, I don’t want it to call it “Podcaster’s Block” 😀 )

Yeah, I searched and searched, but couldn’t many ideas, and out of ideas I found, I didn’t have anything fit for podcasting.

So, I ask you:

What do you want to “hear” and learn from me?

I know each of you have your own personal opinion, but your opinions are worth a lot to me. One opinion is more than enough to give me hundred ideas. So, tell me!

Have you ever done a Facebook chat on blogging (I mean, public chat)?

Any recommendations, tips or suggestions for having a better chat with Facebook? Should we switch over to twitter next time?

What writing tool do you use? Have you tried Zen writer?

What do you think I should podcast on, for the next episode?

Ultimate Challenge: Minimize Time, Maximize Work and Productivity

Yes, it is challenge time.

(It has been some time since I took a challenge – I am so excited for this one!).

For the past couple of months, I have been experimenting with a whole lot of tools (you would have guessed that by now if you had read my recent post or have been following me on my social media sites).

And most of the tools were related to increasing online productivity (I didn’t plan to do any challenges back then, I just wanted to experiment and see what works).

Before I begin, let me give you the list of tools I have used so far:

Editorial Calendar – Well, a productivity tool just for my blog posts.

Astrid Tasks – A to do list kind of app. You create tasks to do and check them as you do it.

Google Reader – A related tool, for blog commenting (I can definitely say that my commenting productivity increased ever since I started using G reader).

Work Flowy – This is not directly related to productivity and time management, but it can help a lot – a free flow mind mapping tool.

Rescue Time – A tool that lets you to supervise everything you do on your computer (From browsing internet to browsing folders – you can categorize each activity as productive or not). And the tool, based on all this, lets you know how productive you were for the time of the day.

Focus Booster – A tool that works on the principle of Pomodoro technique (25 minute work blocks along with 5 minute breaks). This tool is available in two version: A desktop version and an online version.

So, you see, I have tried tools all across the “hemisphere” of tools.

So which ones are the best tools?

Well, all of them are the best, in their own ways.

As of now, I only use G reader, Rescue Time and Focus Booster (I didn’t abandon others – they are there, but I find that these three tools are the most helping!).

So, here is the challenge:

My college is starting soon (Well, next month). Summer has been great, I have spending a whole lot of time on blogging.

And now, I need to reduce my time (so that I can focus on my studies!).

Here is what I have planned to do: Reduce my blogging days to just 1.5 hours per day.

This way I have more than enough time to study and some time for blogging related activities.

I have allotted each day (from Monday to Friday) a specific activity like commenting and blog posting.

So, here is what I am going to do:

I am going to experiment with Rescue Time, Focus Booster and G reader to increase my productivity and minimize the time I spend on blogging (While increasing or keeping the same results with comments etc).

These tools are very powerful on their own, now what if we combine those powers?

So, are you with me? The challenge starts tomorrow 🙂

This is the ultimate productivity challenge 😉

And I am going for maximum productivity!

Welcome to Blog Networking 101

Hello Everyone!

I welcome you all to my new site: Blog Networking 101.

Unlike my other site, this site is going to focus on a specific aspect of blogging: Networking (and Marketing). I started this new site with one goal in mind:

To build up a “great” site that provides the user with quality information related to Networking, Marketing and other aspects of blogging.
For those guys, who are familiar with me or my site, here is a little background information.

My Blogging Expertise

I started blogging, back in 2009, when I had the urge to start a new website. At that time, I had decided to go with Technology as my niche. But, as time moved on, I realized that I had a “stronger” motivation to blog about blogging – achieving success with blogging through effective Online Marketing and Networking.

About Jeevan Jacob John

I am a young, enthusiastic blogger who blogs about achieving blogging success. I am also a passionate follower of Medical Sciences. My experiences range from volunteering to experimental science to blogging.

As a volunteer, I have worked with several different churches in India and in US. I have helped to organize events such as Sunday School classes.

As a student, I have always been passionate to explore, to learn and to conquer new heights that no one has before. I have also worked with the Science and Nature Club.

My school experience has helped me to gain expertise in different fields. For instance, Music Club has helped me to become a good singer, pianist and a thambala (a drum like instrument) artist.

My experiences of blogging for over 2 years has helped me to improve my communication skills and to increase my confidence. Blogging has also helped me to gain expertise in marketing and networking with local businesses.