Do You Keep A Blogging Journal?

It’s a rather simple question to ask: Do you keep a blogging journal?

Well, for those guys, who don’t know what I am talking about: Blogging Journal is where you write down all your blogging related ideas and decide to take action later.

Do you keep a journal?

That’s what I use my blogging journal for. Well, what do you use it for?

For those guys who don’t keep a blogging journal: If you were to have one, what would it for?

And why don’t you keep one?

This blog post takes a simple look at why I think you should keep a blogging journal. This post is solely based on my own experiences with my dear Blogging Journal.

I have been blogging for 2 and a half years now. And I can confidently tell you that the best posts that I have written so far came from my blogging journal. That’s my first reason.

Blogging Journal Helps You to Organize New Ideas

You never know when you are going to get a blogging related idea. And if you don’t write it down soon, you may even forget it (I have had a few cases of that). My blogging journal helped me to get ideas (When I have it in my hand, it motivates me to think of something that is related to blogging). And also helped me to retain them.

I use my old school agenda as my blogging journal. And it has really helped me. You see, I think it is a lot better to write down your ideas (rather than drafting it in your WP account or whatever).

And even my journal has given me different ideas. You see, the people who were responsible for the school agenda had this habit of including awesome quotes on every page of the agenda. I have had several scenarios in which I have framed a whole post based on the quote that I see on a page.

Blogging Journal Motivates You to Think More!

There is a strong motivation behind every human action. Having a Blogging Journal in your hand will motivate you to think about blogging (It has worked for me). For instance: I won’t feel satisfied until I think of at least one idea.

Note: Yes, I have several different ideas. But, as you can guess, I couldn’t write all of them since I didn’t have much to talk about. I only publish articles that I feel satisfied with – others, I throw them in the trash can 😀

Blogging Journal May Give You Confidence

Notice I said, may. That’s because it depends upon the person. If you are able to think of lot of new posts – while having your blogging journal in hand – it will increase your confidence. You see, there is a fear for all bloggers – called Writer’s block.

Whatever you tell, I won’t agree with you. Now and then, there will be times in which you can’t get any ideas. Even if you the great Einstein.

Thinking of ideas before hand decreases your fear and increases your confidence for blogging. An increase in confidence also means that you will perform better (At writing, at commenting, marketing or whatever you are doing).

Better Confidence also means you will have an optimistic attitude (we all know how important our attitude is, don’t we?).

Well, if you don’t, I will give you a quote:

If wealth is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, if character [attitude] is lost everything is lost 😀

Well, I guessed that character also means your attitude.

So, Do you Keep a Blogging Journal?

Let me repeat the question again: Do you keep a Blogging Journal? Why? Why not? Has this post had any effect on your decision to keep/not keep a blogging journal?

Let me know of all your comments! Don’t forget to share. Thanks 😀

Your Best Blog Ideas for Guest Blogging?

I want to ask you a simple question. Do you guest blog? If so, do you keep your.

What’s your idea?

best blog post ideas for guest blogging?

If yes, why? If not, why?

In this blog post, we will discuss whether we should keep out best ideas for guest blogging or not.

Keeping Your Best Ideas for Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is a means through which you get traffic, build links, build your newsletter and build relationships all at the same time. I always consider guest blogging as a form of commenting (there are only a few differences between an “excellent” comment and a good guest post). When writing comments, you could craft them to be thought provoking (this builds relationships). If the site has Comment Luv, Keyword Luv and Twitter link, then you could build links through that. Now, let’s get to today’s main topic:

Here is what I have done so far: I kept my best ideas for guest blogging. I invested a lot of time brainstorming ideas for other sites. And it was very useful for me: For building relationships with many prominent bloggers and building links to my blog (and I got traffic to my old blog).

Right now, I am just starting to pick back with Guest blogging (I am also spending lots of time on commenting; thanks to Brian’s blogs I frequent page, I am able to have a list of blogs that I should really comment on.

Here is what I am going to do in the future: Spend more time guest blogging and commenting. This is because I want to get more traffic and build even more links to my site (and at the same time, I will be writing articles for my own blog).

Now, let me tell you why I kept (and keeping on) my best ideas for guest blogging:

We all know that Guest blogging is when you write as guests for other sites. And when we it comes to effective guest blogging, most of us do select bigger blogs so that we can get better results with the guest blogging.

Now, in guest blogging, you are writing for a bigger audience (provided that you are writing for a blog bigger than yours). You need to have better quality content to get the best results. You would want to broadcast your blogging abilities to the audience right? For that, you need to have posts that are equal or higher in quality compared to your site (this is what I believe). Of course that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality of articles that you write for your own blog.

It just means that you need to spend more time planning, researching and writing when you write blog posts for other blogs.

Guest blogging also helps with brand recognition. By writing for bigger blogs, you are exposing your brand/business to a bigger audience and interacting with your future friends, clients and/or subscribers.

What Do You Believe in?

I believe in guest blogging as an effective way to build traffic to my blog. As I mentioned earlier, it is also a great way to build links and other stuff. I believe in keeping my best ideas for guest blogging because when I guest blog, I only do at prominent blogs like CopyBlogger and Backlinko.

Do you believe in keeping best ideas for guest blogging? Do you guest blogging? Why? Why not?

Help me by sharing and commenting on this article. Thank you!

Are You Going to Write an eBook?

Email marketing is one among the best methods through which you can make money (Email marketing; as in affiliate marketing). The principle is simple: You recommend a product to your email subscribers, and if they buy it, you get a commission. But, for this to work, you need to have subscribers. And to have subscribe, you need to take necessary steps. One of the methods that many bloggers use to build their list is eBook giveaway (you get the eBook for subscription). And for the eBook giveaway to “work”, you need to first prove your ability to blog in your niche through the posts that you write; high quality informative posts. I am going too deep on that, since that is not the subject of talk for today. Anyways, this post will take a look at the pros and cons of writing an eBook for your list.

Are You Going to Write an eBook for Your Newsletter?

The Pros Are Simple:

  • Grow your subscribers list – eBook giveaway is an excellent way to grow your list; people tend to subscribe when you offer them something in return.
  • Improve your writing skill – An excellent eBook requires a lot of work (writing, researching etc). Writing the eBook will certainly put you in a better position, as a blogger (you will learn a lot of new things while preparing an eBook for your list).
  • Get New Ideas for blog posts – When you write an eBook on your niche, you may get new ideas for future blog posts.
  • You are an author of a Book – Yes, eBooks make it so much easier to become an established writer. If you want, you could sell the hard copies of your eBook.
  • Builds Your Passion, Patience and Determination – Writing an eBook will help you to strengthen your passion for the niche. It also builds patience and determination, because writing an eBook does take a lot of time and effort.

The Cons:

  • It requires a lot of work – Yes, writing an eBook is not a simple thing (Nowadays, there are a lot of eBooks that reiterates the same techniques/principles; so, if you want to succeed in eBook list building, you need to write an awesome eBook that helps your readers).
  • Design/Layout of the eBook (the look of the eBook is very important) – Well, if you are an expert using Photoshop, then you could design your own eBook covers. Or else, you could spent $5 on Fiverr for a great Design.
  • You need to have a list- Yes, of course. You need to have a list and all list building tools (like subscription forms to have the maximum success with eBook list building).
  • Credibility/Trust – For the eBook list building technique to work effectively, you need to have trust among your readers (you should have build trust and credibility earlier through your blog posts; You should have written awesome blog posts).

My Experience

What I wrote above was based on my own experience from writing eBook(s). I have written more than 1 eBook. But, have never published them online since I didn’t feel like it. I will be publishing the eBook (that I wrote for this blog) soon. But, before that I need to get consistent with this blog, build traffic and start building a list!

Thanks for listening! If you liked my post, please take time to share it with the world and/or write your opinion below. Thanks!

Do You Blog / Teach Through Action?

When I decided to switch to a new blog and start everything from scratch, I also made another decision along with it. You see, most bloggers today argue about the frequency of post publishing. Now, there is no answer to this question. It depends upon the blog, the blog writer and his/her blogging style. The decision I made was that I would just write my posts as I like (but, I will still write at least 4-5 articles per month; so far I have not been able to do so since I was busy with all sorts of stuff; I am just getting back to the usual blogging routine).So, with this blog, I won’t be writing articles just for the sake of articles. I will only publish articles that I think, will be helpful to my readers (And that teaches my readers through action). I realized that, blogging and teaching through action is the best way to help your readers while helping yourself. In this blog post, we will take a look at how we can teach through action (whether in real life or in blogging).

Blogging and Teaching Through Action?

Basically, what you have to do is instead of just giving “awesome” techniques to your readers (to get their blog popular), give evidence/proof along with it. I mean proof that the techniques works now [techniques get old as time passes; their effectiveness decreases]. Let me give you an example. In my last blog post about twitter networking and networking strategies, I included the screen shots of me using those techniques in my twitter account. Well, I can’t really claim that the post clicked since I didn’t have much visitors and comments yet (because this blog is brand new, and I haven’t done much marketing).

Well, I know that it will work, if used appropriately because it has worked (for me) in real life. Now, I will just give you a simpler illustration to think about:

Let’s imagine a class room. Wouldn’t it be easier for the students to understand the material if they were taught through “action”. Imagine yourself as a student in that class room. Would it be easy for you? Would it be easy for you to understand plant anatomy if the teacher allows you to bring plant along and cut it open in class while studying?

The answer is Yes, it would. You know, this is a simple principle, used by a lot of folks everyday. All we need to do is take this technique, tweak it a bit and apply it to our own blog.

Tweaking differs based on your blogging style and blogging niche. If you blog about making money online, you could show them step by step – what you did – and the results – what you achieved. But, beware. Making Money Online is a big field where many scams occur (and many of these scams do provide us with “proof” that they make money). So, when you do explain to your readers, try to be different and provide an evidence that is simple and understandable.

Well, that’s it. That’s all I have to say. This was a much shorter post. But, I really enjoyed writing it (because it was in a rather unusual format for my blog posts; I usually write my posts in a format, but this post doesn’t fit to any of my earlier formats).

Thanks for reading, by the way. If you enjoyed the post, please do leave a comment and encourage me to write more [and better] posts. If you don’t like it, just tell me why you don’t. Don’t forget to share the post with your friends (share only if you find this post useful and informational). 😀