Traffic or Community – What Do You Prefer?

Traffic or Community?

What do you prefer?

Do you want lots of traffic – with a little bit of loyal commentators – or little less traffic – with a  lot more of loyal commentators (I mean an active community).

If you ask me, I would choose the second one – lot less traffic with lot more of loyal commentators or an active community.

I got this inspiration to write this post when I was reading and looking for blogs to guest post on.

I wanted to get traffic and subscribers for this blog, so I was looking at some of the popular blogs and medium sized blogs that I know. I was going over each site and eliminated some of them based on off-topic, inactivity etc. When I usually guest blog, I look at sites that get a lot of comments- feedback, I mean the one with an active community – we will talk more about that on a guest post coming up this friday @ Probloggingsuccess.

Now, I don’t mean the number of commentators. I mean the number of people who are actually involved in the discussion (for a 70 comments average blog that is about 20-30). Only a few of your actual commentators will be loyal to your blog. And that’s what I look at.

Now, let me tell you why you should prefer community over traffic:

Community or Traffic?

First of, let me tell you something: this depends upon what you are trying to do. If you running an online business, having more traffic is the key. Or if you are running a blog oriented business (Affiliate marketing, product reviews etc), it is better to have an active community.

Let me tell you why:

  • When you post an article for an active community, you are more likely to get more feedback and other benefits from it
  • You will be able to make more money by affiliate marketing at an active community. Now, many of you guys might disagree with me. Unless you have a really targeted list, which is hard and kind of impossible, since tastes/situations and scenarios are different for each subscriber. An active community is where people care about your blog and yourself. They are more likely to listen to you than a non-active community. So, hence you can make more money through blogging at an active community.
  • I blog because I like it. I am passionate about it – it is my hobby. Getting feedback from an active community motivates me to blog more and better. Do you blog for fun?
  • It takes more time and effort to build an active community (compared to this, driving traffic to your blog is an easy job). And I like it. I like doing something challenging. Because trying (and perhaps) winning the challenge increase my motivation, enjoyment and confidence with blogging. How about you?
  • Why do you write? I write for my readers and for my enjoyment of helping others and getting feedback from them. If you enjoy that, then building an active community will be a good thing to do.

The Key

Do you prefer Traffic or an Active Community? Why? Let know of your awesome thoughts about building a good community and driving traffic. I know that many of you might disagree with me (and I am happy about that). Just tell me your thoughts. Thanks!

Social Media Sites: Where Do You Network?

How many Social media accounts do you have?

Where all do you have it?

I have seen both bloggers single and multiple social media accounts. And I am just curious: Where should we put our most effort? Which social media sites should we focus on – when building our business and brand?

In this blog post, we will talk about where – which sites – you should put your most energy and effort into.

How Many Social Media Accounts?

Having social media accounts is important for marketing your content and gaining more exposure for your brand/blog/business.

For instance: One of my friends at College gets his most clients via Social media -Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Before I move further on, let me make it clear: I am not talking about having multiple IDs in a single site. I am talking about having single ID per site.

But, how many sites do you need to invest your time in?

Should you invest your time in Popular Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn? Or should you go for local ones?

Well, it depends…

It depends upon your business. If you are doing business offline (and if you think your business has enough relevance in your area, then sure invest a little more time into working with local social media sites.

Or else, go popular 😀

But, there are many popular social media sites out there. Which one should you focus on?

Well, that’s my question too. Which one should you focus on? Let’s take a look:

Pros – Local Social Media Sites

  • Easier for you to network with and do business (since they are in your area).
  • If you can prove your business to be successful in your area, then it will be easier for you to take to the next level. Networking with local tweeps will help you (if your business has enough relevance in your area). For instance: If you are trying to sell luxury items to a rural town. It won’t work.
  • Not a lot of Competition

Cons – Local Social Media Sites

  • Not a lot of clients – Well, this depends upon your business.
  • Not a lot of exposure – When you talk about local social media sites, they are local.

Pros – Popular Social Media Sites

  • Lot of Exposure
  • Lots of Clients

Cons – Popular Social Media Accounts

  • Lot of Competition (It will be hard to compete when you are doing business across the world, but you can).
  • Takes lot more time and effort to get your business noticed

These social media accounts really take up a lot of time. Don’t you agree? Moreover, we need to decide on which sites we should put our energy into. We can’t just work on all sites, can we?

Which Sites Do You Put Your Energy Into?

Well, if I were you: I would experiment and do some research. Yes, experiment what works out for your business. Which social media site gets you more business(Ask your customers who referred them; use analytics to track your website online!)? Focus more of your energy into those sites. Also do some research to find out where your competitors are standing and what you need to do about it.

For Blogging?

As a blogger, I would recommend you to spend more time on Twitter and Google Plus (and also put effort into LinkedIn). Don’t worry much about Facebook. If you look online, you will see most bloggers (doing their blog work) on Twitter and Google Plus. So, put a lot more effort into those sites than others. Build your community outside your blog. Network and Just keep everything simple and awesome.

Be Happy.

Be Creative.

Just Network.

And Don’t worry 😉

Thanks for listening tweeps! Let me know of your comments 😀